Family and Student Sign-Up

As you know, everything we do depends upon the kind and generous people who volunteer to serve God and our families in order to keep our program strong and vibrant. Besides performing a wonderful Christian service, it is very rewarding. Please give serious consideration to how you might be able to help. You can make a difference by helping us just once!

We need help in many ways. Would you consider…

  • Serving as a catechist, assisting one in the classroom, or substituting in the classroom?
  • Helping children to their cars at Dismissal?
  • Helping out in the office one Sunday a year on a Sunday morning during class time?
  • Helping to host special celebrations for Religious Education events such as the blessing of the Nativity/ Tree-lighting Celebration, the Christmas Pageant, or the First Communion Reception?
  • Hosting a Parish Social once or twice a year? Everything is provided!

Our activities are not possible without volunteers! Please consider how you might help!

Please indicate the activities in which you might be interested by answering either YES or MAYBE.
(If you are not interested, please leave the space blank.)