Holy Trinity Parish Choir

The task of being a choir member can be demanding. The choir main function is to sing at Sunday Liturgy, but functions to lead the congregation in praising God in song.

The choir strives to enhance the sung prayer by singing in 4 sections, soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

The choir will provide music for Advent and Lenten prayer service as well as special liturgies for the parish that might include Masses for the anointing of the sick or infirm, Masses of thanksgiving to commemorate special events or anniversaries in the parish.

Our church’s musical treasury contains hundreds of hymns in many different musical variations. Our choir over the past few years has developed a repertoire of many of these treasures and has the ability to sing them not just in unison but has been trained to sing them in multiple harmonious parts.

The choir and its members must be committed to the faith and to sharing that faith through the music they sing.

Many people at Holy Trinity are blessed with beautiful voices.

You may stand near one of them in your pew; perhaps you yourself are one such person.

➢ Would you like to do more than just follow along in the singing of our worship?
➢ Do you feel our worship to God should be enhanced with prayerful song?
➢ Are you concerned that there will be a choir to lead the singing?
➢ Are you willing to spend one evening of the week with the choir in preparation for Sunday Mass so that our liturgical celebrations are enhanced?
➢ Are you willing to share your musical talent and offer it back to the Lord just as He granted it to you?

If your answers are Yes then, you are most welcome to be a part of the Holy Trinity Choir

➢ The desire to praise God in song.
➢ A commitment to attending rehearsals
➢ The commitment to attending the 11 am Mass on Sunday
➢ A willingness to work with fellow parishioners
➢ The ability to take direction.
➢ The desire to learn singing techniques
➢ The desire to sing in harmony

➢ An audition
➢ The ability to read music (That will come in time)

Please consider joining our choir at Holy Trinity Church. It is a chance to develop a skill while enjoying the social benefits of meeting and working with other parishioners. Rehearsals are held on Thursdays at 7 pm at Holy Trinity Church. The choir sings at the 11 am Mass each Sunday throughout the year. Come and sing with us. You will be most welcome.

Director: Steve Grubiak

Any questions contact Steve Grubiak – Phone: 508.385.2396 | Email