Wedding Rehearsal Form

*Bride’s Name:
*Groom’s Name:

Date/time of Rehearsal:
Date/time of Wedding:

Preference for Procession:
Traditional – Bride and her attendants enter from the back – Groomsmen, Best Man, Groom enter from the side chapel.
Variation on traditional – Groomsmen enter single-file in procession down main aisle.
Variation on traditional – Groomsmen escort Bridesmaids in procession down main aisle.
Non-Traditional – All enter by main aisle – Groom escorted by his parents, followed by Best Man and Groomsmen, then Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Bride and her parents.

Number of Bride’s Attendants:
Number of Groom’s Attendants:
Flower Girl(s):
Ring Bearer(s):
Maid/Matron of Honor:
Best Man:

Please indicate any concerns, tension, or difficulties we should be aware of in seating people.


Is the Wedding to take place in the context of Mass? YESNO
Will you be using a unity marriage candle? YESNO

First Reader:
Second Reader:

Who will read the petitions of the Prayer of the Faithful?

Who will bring up the gifts of Bread and Wine? Two PersonsFour Persons

At the end of the Wedding, will you be receiving/greeting guests at the church door or should they go immediately to the reception? Greet Guests at Church DoorGo immediately to Reception

Please list any additional requests or information that will help us organize your wedding here.

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