Important Safety Information


In order to maintain a secure building for the safety of all, specific arrival/ dismissal procedures are in place. These procedures are carefully considered and implemented for the continued safety of our children. Please note these procedures for your own convenience.


  •  Please use the front door of the school on Main Street to enter the building for class. Class begins immediately following the 9:00 mass or ten minutes after mass on days when there is a Parish Social. Students will not be allowed to enter the school before this time, as catechists will be at the Family Mass and classrooms will be unsupervised. As soon as catechists are in place, the front door of the school is unlocked to allow entrance. After classes have settled and are underway, the front door of the school is then locked again for safety reasons and out of respect to the children and catechists in classrooms throughout the school. After the front door is locked, families reporting late to the Religious Education Program must knock at the locked front door and a C.O.R.I.’d Volunteer will assist you.
  •  Please use the Religious Education Office door if you need to enter the school during class time. Because of diocesan rules requiring adults who work with parish children to attend an abuse prevention training program and submit a C.O.R.I., people will not be allowed in the halls of the school during class time. If you need your child for an emergency or early dismissal, this should be done through the Religious Education Center Office. A  C.O.R.I.’d volunteer will be present to bring your child to you and you are welcome to wait for your child in the Religious Education Center Office. We ask that any student who has to leave before the dismissal time of 11:15 please bring a written note. Students will then be directed to the Religious Education office at the designated time to await their guardian. In such an instance, a guardian or other authorized adult must enter the office to meet your child. Children will not be dismissed to the parking lot.


  • At the end of the 9:00 Family Mass, all are welcome to attend the Parish Social in the parish hall. Parish Socials (coffee, juice, and donuts) will occur on most Sundays during the school year, following the 9:00 mass, however, for various reasons there is not always a social. After ten minutes, we will ring a bell in the hall signaling that classes will be starting. Families are asked to bring their children to the front door of the school at this time, so that classes can begin without interruption. Please note: bringing children across the street from the church to class is solely the responsibility of the children’s families. On days when there is no social, families are asked to bring their children directly to the school for class following mass.


  • Dismissal begins at 11:15. All students will exit the Religious Education Program using the rear exit door of the school at dismissal time.
  • Cars will arrive via Route 28, proceed to the front of the school and loop around to the left of the school building following the double lanes of safety cones filtering into one single lane at the rear of the building to pick up your child. Students will be called by family name and will then be guided to their cars by parent volunteers. Please prepare a sign indicating your family name, using black marker and making your letters at least 3 inches tall so that the name can be easily read from the sidewalk. This sign is to be displayed in the front window of the car that will be picking up your child/ren. Please keep the sign visible in the window until all children are in the car.
  •  Please note: parents are not allowed in the school during dismissal.

Religious Education Program Cancellation:

  • In inclement weather, please tune into 99.9 F.M. WQRC or 106.1 F.M. WCOD to hear about cancellations. Grade 9 meets in the afternoons on Sundays, please make note there have been days where morning classes have been cancelled but afternoon classes have been held and the reverse of this too. Please feel free to call or text my cell phone as well 508-237-3349.


As you know, everything we do is with the highest concern for the safety of our parish children. We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures and offer a great thank you to our kind volunteers who offer their time for this important and necessary endeavor.
Thank you!